Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sydney - April 9th thru 12th, 2016

Hello family and friends…we’ve made it a week through our adventure down under. Our first stop was Sydney. Then we headed south to Melbourne. Now we are in New Zealand. We will be in New Zealand for 2 weeks exploring both islands. Enjoy the pictures and we will do our best to describe the adventure.

Harbour Bridge - Sydney

Old town of Sydney

Along old part of Sydney on the Nurse's Walk

Dessert at the Quay Restaurant

Bennelong Restaurant and Bar inside the Sydney Opera House.

Chefs at work at Bennelong 

Night view of Harbour Bridge

Night View downtown Sydney

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 3 of London - The National Gallery and Maze

I was so tired on Wednesday night that I clunked out and forgot to write on the blog! Anyway, on day 2 I kept it low key and stayed around in the area of my hotel. I spent half the day roaming around the National Gallery (FYI- for you Ugly Betty fans; this is where they shot the last scene of the final episode). I had lunch in the National Gallery Cafe. It is a cute little bistro which resides at the side of the main entrance into the Museum. My first course consisted of shredded ham hock, British chorizo in a barley salad. The next huge dish, my second course, wasn't what I had expected because I only ate half and had the rest for breakfast the next morning. That yummy dish was of lamb madras, saag aloo, spiced lentil salad and minted yoghurt (yes is how the English spell yogurt). Overall the meal was all good! As I was having lunch, I overheard two older Englishmen conversing about there dessert selection, their conversation was so funny it caught my attention and I almost belted out my man says, "some of these desserts don't look too good for my bowels...I think I'll have the apple crisp!" His friend the replies, "...well that dessert will certainly make your tubes very sticky!" Yes, you have to love the English humor!

Anyway, later that night after strolling around town I headed out to dinner in Grovsner Square. This restaurant has one Michelin star and it was absolutely delicious! The restaurant is called Maze and it is one of the eleven Gordon Ramsey establishments. I would have some pictures to share of the meal, but the lighting was so dark I could barely see what made up each dish.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheery Old London!

Today was my first full day in London, England! I got in yesterday but I was so tired from my 10 hour flight I crashed in the hotel room! Which was a big mistake as I found myself eyed wide open at 2am this morning! Anyway, I spent the day walking around in Central London. Started in Westminster and strolled along the northeast of the Thames River and found myself at St. Paul's Cathedral near the city center of London. From there I walked through Holborn and Theatre Land. For lunch, I stopped near Guildhall and had lunch at Barbecoa, a Jamie Oliver/Adam Perry Lang establishment which you can read about under Culinary Adventures (click on the link in the upper right corner of the blog).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home!!!

We are back home safe and sound! Today's drive was longer than expected because we got stuck at Donner Summit. is the end of April and we got stuck due to SNOW! It was a beautiful sight to see since we did not have the opportunity to go up to the Sierra's this season.

Overall, the 3,928 mile trip was a great way for us to really enjoy each others company and after 7+ years of marriage we manage not to kill one another!

Tim enjoyed Crater Lake and I enjoyed the Tetons. We loath Perkins Restaurants (a chain belonging to Marie Calender's; don't ever eat there no matter HOW hungry you are)! Though the best meal we had was breakfast at the Rustic Inn in Jackson, Wyoming. We noticed that there were more churches in Kalispell, MT. than there are Starbucks in San Francisco. We stopped at a number of "truck stops," and you know who's idea that was...the next trip is to Alaska (just kidding!!!); we'll be flying to that destination. Our best dinner was in Columbus Falls, MT. at a little bistro where Tim had Bison pot roast and I had a sweet potatoe lasagna!

Anyway, we thank our family and friends who have followed us on this blog. Please post any comments you have as we would love to read them!

Come again see what crazy thing we are doing!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grand Teton National Park

Have to say that the Grand Teton National Park is about to be my favorite destination here in the US! This morning we made our way to Yellowstone National Park, but since we came up from the South entrance the road is closed till the end of May due to Winter closure. The only entrance open is from Montana on the Northern rim of the park. We will make another trip to Yellowstone some other time. Anyway, the little town of Jackson, Wyoming is very rustic and quaint. We will need to come back here sometime in the summer months to see it in its full glory.

Friday, April 23, 2010

South Dakota and Wyoming

We are halfway through the adventures and now in Buffalo, Wyoming for the night. The weather today was very cold, windy, and rainy! It was as low as 36 degrees. Today's travel was a visit to Mt. Rushmore where it was so foggy and rainy that we had ONLY one minute view of the national monument as the fog cleared up by the gusty winds. For the next few days, we will explore Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons! Here is a picture of my wonderful husband doing the majority of the driving; I think I have only driven 80 miles of the 2500 so far! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Driving!

Between Missoula, MT. and Rapid City, SD. there is nothing! Really mean NOTHING except for the millionth sage brush we passed up a few moments ago. Since the last posting we have driven through Montana, North Dakota, and now resting in South Dakota! Tomorrow we are headed to Mt. Rushmore!

Our butts have made permanent indentation in the seats. Plus with the bug (I mean insect; thank to Mr. Keller's Bio class) splatters and endless stops at the gas station...I am looking forward to a comfy bed tonight in lieu of last night's adventure in the back of the Volvo; it is not the most comfortable place in the world at a rest stop in Rosebud, MT.

Above are some more state signs and our vehicle at rest after 2,200 miles since home.